by Lynda Williams

volume 2, number 3

Reflections on Water bids farewell, this issue, to cofounder Dr. Sue Matheson. Sue was a potent force for productivity. Maybe that's why we're two weeks behind with this issue. In her own words, she is having "a great time at the track" and plans to take a long break. More power to her. I think everyone who knows Sue will agree race horses are her first love.

Just today, while thinking about this editorial, I ran into Kristin Jarvis, who took "Women in Literature" with Sue and shared her love of horses. She told me Sue made studying the Arts approachable for her, although it isn't her major, and tackled everything with passion. Reflections on Water contributor Victoria Scott dropped into my office, not long ago, looking for Sue, as well, and hopes to catch up with her again some day. Always a very 'doing' sort of person with strong opinions, Sue made me look pretty laid back by comparison and there were moments when that wasn't always comfortable, but there is no doubt Sue made a lasting impression on those she inspired and befriended during her time with us in Prince George and there would be no Reflections on Water, now, without her initiative.

Personally, my favorite memories centre on the trips Sue engaged me in as an emerging writer, which took us to McKenzie to a reading for, and with, Susan Herzog's students; and to Wells before that.

Sue advised me to pick something juicy for my reading, in Wells, so I chose a scene that saw my male protagonist debriefing his mother on a trip, in a walk-in hot tub, which progressed through some hanky panky to end on the line "pain really shouldn't have surprised him". Nobody did anything for a moment, just stared. I thought they hated it. Then the applause began. Sue assured me, with glee, they'd been awestruck. An generous exaggeration my untried ego was grateful to absorb. I also remember an interesting night spent in a single room of the Wells Hotel with Sue, myself, romance writer Marilyn Storie and Marilyn's rather new baby girl. Marilyn had hitchhiked all the way. Her plan for accommodation was to curl up around the baby on the floor and go to sleep. And Sue was cool with that. But Marilyn is another story (pun irresistible).

So Hail and farewell, Sue, from your friends in the Northern Interior of B.C. Hope you'll post to "views" now and then to keep us to date. And thank you for your time, wit and energy from all who have benefited from the creation of Reflections on Water.