David Ainley

With my photographs I attempt to capture wildlife, scenery, and light effects in the natural environment and urban environment.

I am now retired after teaching in High Schools for 37 years, 4 years in England and 33 years in Montreal (Physical education & Math) and have lived in Prince George for the past four years.

My art awareness grew from visits to numerous European and North American art galleries and exhibitions. I am a self-taught photographer who has been taking black-and-white and colour photographs since about 1950. I participated in one nature photography workshop with Freeman Patterson in Montreal. Member, Montreal Camera Club, 1994-95.

I have had photos published in The Nature Society News, (1980), A Canadian Automobile Association book Drive North America (1983), Harrowsmith (1988), The University Women's Club of Montreal Newsletter (1990), Concordia University's Thursday Report (1991), and Herstory Calendar (1995). I have shown photographs at the following exhibitions: "As Far As I Can See," UNBC, 1996; Artists' Workshop/Studio Fair 1998; and "Yowls and Growls" Juried exhibition, Prince George Art Gallery, 1999.

The photos in this exhibition are from my travels in Canada, Sweden, Italy, and Australia.

Appearances in Reflections on Water