Marika Ainley

Marika AinleyMarika Ainley (aka Marianne Gosztonyi Ainley, Professor Emerita of Women's Studies) was, once upon a time, a chemist and a potter. For the past quarter century she has been doing research in the history of science, women's studies, and environmental history, and teaching, writing, and painting. Since early childhood she has been exposed to painting and sculpture and visited major art galleries and collections in Europe, North America, New Zealand, and Australia.

She studied aesthetics, music appreciation, and literature at Sir George Williams University (1961-64), and pottery with Grace Atkinson and Rai Nakashima at the Potter's Club in Montreal, 1967-69. Between 1997 and 2001 she took the following art courses in Prince George: watercolour painting with Jennifer Ferris, Barry Rafuse, and June Swanky Parker, drawing with Mary Riches, and acrylics with Marlene Roberts.

She has published creative non-fiction, including "Restless Energy: A Biography of William Rowan, 1891-1957" who was a well known scientist and artist. She is the editor of "Despite the Odds: Essays on Canadian Women and Science," as well as numerous articles and book chapters on Canadian women scientists and the history of Canadian science. In 2001 she was the winner of the second "Teaching as if the World Mattered" award of the Biology as if the World Mattered Research Association of North America. She was co-curator of the "The Bicentennial of J.J. Audubon" exhibition, McGill University (1985), researcher and curator of "Canadian Achievements in Science" photo exhibition, Concordia University (1990), and of the "Achievements in Canadian Science" historical photo exhibition of Canadian scientists, UNBC (1990). She has exhibited works at the Potter's Club, Montreal, 1969-70: Studio Fair, Prince George, 1997-2000, at the BC Festival of Arts, 1998-90, at the Prince George Art Gallery, 1999, and at Goward House in Victoria, 2005.

Her art work is based on her love and knowledge of particular segments of our environment and expresses her desire to preserve the health and future of our planet and its inhabitants. She is currently combining her interests in history, literature, science, Indigenous knowledge, the environment, and fine arts in mixed media art works as well as in her writing projects.

(updated Oct 4, 2005)

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