Brett SeemannnBrett Seemann

Brett Seemannn began writing at age 15, to impress a girl. Now, three years later, the girl is gone but the writing lives on. He's a veteran of numerous local poetry readings including Rant Nite, Open Mouth, and currently attends the Tuesday Rites readings at Books and Company. His poetry has been published in Dickweed, Talking Ass, and Boost. His comedy has been performed at the Playhouse, in the Green Room Comedy Festival and in the Fringe Festival. He also acts and often works backstage on local productions. He is a proud member of the Improv Ad Nauseum comedy group. In 2000, he was chosen as one of two delegates from Prince George to attend the BC Festival of the Arts in Nelson. Both Eugene Strickland and Esta Spalding have mentored him in writing. Currently, he finds himself once again living in Prince George, the ciry of his birth, after an eight-month sojourn in the wilds of northern Saskatchewan. This coming fall he will be leaving to attend the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, where he is enrolled to major in English.

Appearances in Reflections on Water