Thoma Ewen

I wanted to investigate what it means to be a human being influenced by the natural landscape and beauty of the earth.

Working on a large simple frame loom, Thoma Ewen's tapestries are made of various shades of coloured thread, embellished with the occasional metallic strand Her work is reflective of the landscape surrounding her home in Poltimore, Quebec, among the hills of the Gatineau.

Born in Vancouver, Thoma Ewen studied drawing, painting and printmaking at the University of Victoria. She was first drawn to tapestries when she saw a travelling exhibition of contemporary tapestries from France. After receiving her Honours B.F.A., a scholarship from the Finnish Government allowed her to travel to Helsinki to apprentice with Oili Maki, a Finnish tapestry artist. Thoma Ewen held her first solo exhibition of tapestries in 1975 at Scarborough College, University of Toronto, signalling the start of a successful career as a tapestry artist.

Thoma's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is a part of collections in the New Vision Centre, London, England; the Steinert Collection, Los Angeles; and Esso Resources, Calgary. Her tapestries have received awards and scholarships including The Bamff Centre Scholarship, The Esso Resources Grant, and the Petro Canada Scholarship. She has taught for the Institute des Metiers d'Arts du Quebec, at the Textile Department of the University of Alberta, and at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Appearances in Reflections on Water