Heather Harris

I am Cree-Metis, born in British Columbia. I have lived in northern B.C., Kispiox and Prince George for 20 years. I am married and have three children, who of whom dance with me in the Rainbow Dancers plains dance group.

My day job is as a professor of First Nations Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia. Most of my previous writing has been academic in nature concerned with oral history, archaeology, paleoenvironments, indigenous critique of archaeology, shamanism, indigenous social structure, et cetera. I am new to poetry but can no longer restrain myself. My first poem was written in the summer of '98 and I am now half way through a second book.

I am working on a book of contemporary Coyote stories. I also do indigenous art works, primarily clothing and jewelry. My work is sold in galleries across western Canada and, now, in New York. The Smithsonian recently bought a piece for their collection.




Appearances in Reflections on Water