Lil McIntosh

Dee HorneBorn in Prince George, 1916, she is the youngest of ten children. She is from a family of writers, although poetry is the great attraction. Dave Williams, Lil's brother, and father of Lynda Williams, was able to cite twenty long poems in his 80's, holding the record for the family!

In 1941, after teaching for four years, she married Bill and lived on their lovely farm. She became widowed, so she then went back to work at the library for twenty years, drawn back to that environment on a history oriented hobby.

In 1979, she co-authored "Vanderhoof, the Town that Wouldn't Wait" in a team of 8 authors.

The Vanderhoof museum has several books on sale. Some of these books are a result of Lil's diary editing from various Vanderhoof pioneers. One book that she was persuaded to sell, is titled "Rhymes from Banana Hill Ranch". Written in 1993, this is the last book of poems she wrote.

She still lives on that lovely farm, still alone, but life is enjoyable. She just cross country skied this morning, and is about to play Duplicate Bridge...

Appearances in Reflections on Water