Debora Munoz

Debora Munoz was born in rural Northern New Brunswick. She is the mother of two daughters--Gala and Paris--and a son, Felipe. In the early 80s,while living in Ottawa, Debora completed her studies in Clinical Neurophysiology Technology. She continues to work in health-sciences at Prince George Regional Hospital, where she performs clinical-testing of neural-function on the world's largest, most complex computer, the human brain. Debora's creative endeavors began at the age of 8 when she was equipped with only a small box of crayons and a piece of scrap-wood. She later spent two years at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, and many years in shared-studio with fellow artists. Debora has been a long-time advocate of 'Art for All '. She helped to open community-galleries and arranged art-exhibits in neighborhood-houses and cafes in East Vancouver. Cultural-diversity, human values and nature, provide the basis for her own creative work. She has exhibited her art-works in Vancouver, and more recently, in Prince George. Debora enjoys expanding creative-energy into community as one way to invite and experience an engagement of both collective intelligences and unique expression from which we may: think about, see, learn from, and express our greatest concerns, fears, and values--in community and globally. Her volunteer community-art projects include: facilitation of community-participation and personal contribution to a large tiled-mural project for the College of New Caledonia, which reflects, celebrates and honors diversity. She conducted a multi-media workshop entitled 'Moving Beyond Biology', using creative approaches to self-discovery for midlife women. Debora is currently working with a group of young art-students, age 5-10 on a mural entitled, 'The Enchanted Forest', for the Public Library's annual gala/fundraiser. Since opening her home-studio, 'Art for All', four years ago, she has offered therapeutic multi-media art-programs for emotionally-troubled teens and also provided art-sessions for women who have experienced abuse. She continues to enjoy her Saturday-morning multi-media art-classes for children age 5-12 and shares her home-studio under the philosophy that creativity is not limited to a select few. It belongs to all of us.

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