Robert Ziegler

Robert is presently constructing a creative, non-fictional representation (formerly known as an autobiography), beginning with those events immediately prior to his act of war resistance, in 1969: immigrating to Canada, then witnessing his university degrees, log-cabin, three marriages and as many children disappear along the way (leaving a galaxy of black holes and shooting-stars called poesm...)

Robert lives with his wife Darlene Shatford, and his young sons, Ryan and Brett, in Prince George. He has been working as a therapist, both at the Nechako Residential Treatment Centre and in private practice, for the past ten years.


Update for Winter 2003 Issue

Rob has been writing poetic sketches since high school and still doesn't seem inclined to stop. He works in Prince George at a Residential Treatment Center where people who are up against the wall duck in to heal. Rob recently completed his autobiography, A Banquet of Crow, a tale of an ex-patriot American who tumbled ass-over-teakettles around Canada for three decades (subsisting, often, on a diet of crow).

Appearances in Reflections on Water