Tony MacGregor

Tony MacGregor has made his living mostly by writing for the past 30 years: as a reporter, a columnist and public relations writer. His career, which also includes stints in the import business teaching English and hosting a television talk show, has taken him around the world: a year in India and Nepal, two years in South America and a year in Europe. Right now he writes a syndicated column about northern British Columbia: its characters, winters, industries and aboriginal struggles. In his freelance magazine articles he deals with subjects as diverse as the future of communications to furniture.

He has become an amateur genealogical sleuth in preparation for a two-month trip with his brother later this year to explore his roots in Britain and Ireland. He is 55 and lives in Prince George with his wife and two daughters, aged 12 and 16. He graduated in journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, and studied anthropology at the University of Victoria, B.C. His hobbies are racquetball and table tennis.

Appearances in Reflections on Water