The ROW Team


ROW team ready to kill:: Elizabeth Woods, Mike MacDonald, John Paul Lee, Amber Metz

Through months of hard training and daily workouts, the ROW team has gone from weak grunts to a deadly, fine tuned website creation team! Fond memories include early Thursday mornings, the strange disappearance of Brigette, and Mike coming in right after work looking like a hobo off the street.

Future plans for Ms. Woods include retirement in 12 years, sky diving off the Empire state building, and learning to drive a motorcycle so she can ride off into the sunset.

Future Plans for Amber include to hurt Mike badly with a #10 paintbrush and becoming an artist.

Mike wants to be a big enough musician to be known all through Prince George and to put Pineview on the map!

Johnny's plans include world domination, a 10-picture movie deal with Paramount Pictures, to make poetry socially acceptable for everyone, and to be a comic book character one day.

John Paul Lee: Another hobo off the street

Hard Workers to the end. Or maybe they're just checking their email?


As always, it's been good memories and fun times. Living life like you were on fire!

- John Paul Lee